What to bring with you

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On ammo and classes!

What to bring with you to class:

If you own a handgun, please bring it with you to class for every session.  Please transport it safely and legally (unloaded and in a case).  It is important that you learn all you can about the gun you own.  During the class, you will also need to draw your firearm from concealment.  For many this means either an inside-the-waistband or an outside-the-waistband hip holster.  There are CCW purses, bags, backpacks, waist packs and even bra holsters as well.  You chose the method by which you intend to carry, and bring that gear with you to class.

Payment in the form of cash or check and a final paper registration form will be collected at the beginning of the first day of class along with proof of accepted prior training.

Please bring with you proof of accepted prior training that I can keep.  If you have an out-of-state CCW permit that is on the list, you must bring with you a copy of the training certificate, not just the license.

On range day, bring at least 50 rounds of your own ammo to qualify with your gun.  You may need more for practice depending on your current skill level.  If you would like to use my Ruger SR22 semi-auto to qualify with, you are welcome to use it.  Even if you are planning on or thinking about using my gun to qualify, please bring yours to class.

The NRA specifies that only factory-made ammo be used in NRA classes.  There is no ammo type requirement by law for ILCCL live fire.  If you have any questions, please call, email, or use the Contact Us page.

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