Are you ready to take your basic pistol training to the next level? How about a basic defensive pistol shooting class? HERE

Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses are being honored in 31 states!! (counting IL) New Hampshire just went permitless, See the list HERE

What if I live in Missouri?The 16-hour class costs $150stc referrals
The 12-hour class costs $150
The 8-hour class costs $125

To get in a class, go to the Training Calendar and choose one to register for.

Classes are taught in Maryville, IL.

We offer 8-hour, 12-hour, and 16-hour classes.  See the ILCCL Training page to find out which one you will need.

The next 8-hour ILCCL class is on Saturday, 10/21/2017in Maryville, IL.

The next 12-hour ILCCL class is on Friday evening, 10/13/2017, and Saturday, 10/21/2017 in Maryville, IL.

The next 16-hour ILCCL class is on Thursday & Friday evenings, 10/12/2017 and 10/13/2017, and Saturday, 10/21/2017 in Maryville, IL.

See the Training Calendar

RegisterThe 8-hour class is for those with 8 hours of accepted prior training or current active duty military or a DD214.  If you don’t have prior training or a DD214, you can take this class as the 8 hours required, and take the additional 8 hours later with an additional cost.

Classes taught in Maryville, IL.  Custom and private classes are available.  If you put together a group, we will come to you! Contact us

Check the training calendar for a class that fits your training requirements.

Why should you choose 2 Palms as your training provider?

  1. I keep the class sizes small to ensure a better personal experience for all students.  This usually means a maximum of 12 people per class.
  2. You will be treated like an adult.  You will not be talked down to or embarrassed at 2 Palms.
  3. I will convert all of your training documents, including prior accepted training, into digital form at no extra charge so you can apply online right after class.
  4. I will provide a passport-sized photo of you at no extra charge in .jpg format for you to use during the online application.
  5. You will experience professionalism, patience, and encouragement as you are challenged to reach for excellence.
  6. No matter what your level of expertise, you will come away with valuable training assets.

Go here to apply online for an Illinois Concealed Carry License if you have taken an approved ILCCL course: Online Application



I live in Illinois and teach concealed carry and Firearm safety classes in both Illinois and Missouri.

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