Florida & Arizona CCW

Florida/Arizona CCW classroom and range $125 Register here

Both Arizona & Florida non-resident Concealed Carry licenses are honored in 35 states including Missouri.  The Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm license is good for 7 yrs. AZ is good for 5 years.Minimum class size is 4 students.

This 5-hour Basic Firearms Safety Training Class is for those with or without prior firearm training and/or IWB02experience.  It includes Florida or Arizona application package & photo. Taught by NRA certified instructors and includes classroom and live-fire range time, learning to and demonstrating the student’s ability to safely load, unload and manipulate a semi-auto action type pistol.  Gun and dummy ammunition provided.  If you have a handgun, bring it to class (unloaded please).

The firearm safety training requirements for the Florida and Arizona CCW are met by this Basic Firearms Safety Training class.

(They are also met by the IL Concealed Carry Training classes.)

During this class, you will receive an Official application packet from FL or AZ that contain the CCW applications, their individual tracking numbers, the return mail envelopes, and the FBI fingerprint cards.

We will go over filling out the applications in class. Photos are taken of everyone applying and printed on photo paper.

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